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The Must Have Women’s Eyewear Trends for High Summer 2014

In need of a change? Fancy updating your accessories for summer? Look no further than these spectacular spectacles to instil some glamour into your high summer wardrobe. Glasses are not just practical but the current accessory de jour. In this infographic we profile the hottest eye accessories in town right now.


Key trends include the ‘Mathematical Look’ featuring geometric shapes and hexagonal lenses, the ‘Instagram Look’ featuring a 1970’s style aesthetic and gold tinted lenses, the ‘Garden Look’ featuring earthy greens and vibrant pinks colours and finally the ‘Aquatic Look’ featuring the ocean as inspiration with floating effect lenses.


Love the looks but not quite sure which one is for you? That’s ok because we have the perfect inspiration for you. Have a look at our celebrity faces and corresponding faces shapes. From Jennifer Aniston’s heart shape, to Emma Stone’s oval shape, we have profiled five famous face shapes and styles and paired them with the style of spectacles best suited to them.


One of the things that can be a little tricky about selecting your spectacles is actually the amount of choice for different frames and features. We take your through the always-in-fashion aviator style right through to the colour blocking trend. Whatever you decide to go with, we’ve got your covered.


Women’s Eyewear Trends Infographic