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What Do Our Eyes Really See ?

Did you know that the human eye can see seven million colours? Or that one [...]

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How We Will See in the Future

Wearable technology is the buzz phrase of the moment with Google Glass, the [...]

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Eye Tests and Early Detection in Children

Eye Health in Ireland 75% of vision loss and blindness is preventable when [...]

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The Must Have Women’s Eyewear Trends for High Summer 2014

In need of a change? Fancy updating your accessories for summer? Look no [...]

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4 Reasons Why We Love Sunglasses (And You Should Too)

  UVA / UVB Protection The summer sunshine brings joy and laughter and [...]

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Eye Care Top Tips to Weather the Winter With

Tip 1 Soothing Sore Eyes The cold dry winter air can cause eyes to be more [...]

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