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4 Reasons Why We Love Sunglasses (And You Should Too)

Reasons Why We Love Sunglasses


UVA / UVB Protection
The summer sunshine brings joy and laughter and a promise of better things to come. But the sun’s strong rays can also harm our eyesight if we are not protected. At Supersavers Optician’s all of our sunglasses come with UVA and UVB protection. But what does that really mean?

  • UVA – these rays tan your skin, but they can also damage it causing premature ageing. Damage over an extended period of time and excessive exposure to these rays can be very harmful to your vision.
  • UVB – these rays can cause sunburn and can very quickly damage the tissue around your eye if given prolonged exposure and left unprotected.

Polarised Lenses
The glare from the sun can cause a person to strain their eyes, even when wearing standard sunglasses. While all sunglasses are in place to protect the eyes and reduce blinding brightness, one of the most dangerous places to be in the sun is actually while you are driving. The type of lenses you choose for your sunglasses make a big impact on this. So why do we need polarised lenses?

  • Glare is caused when sunlight reflects off of a horizontal surface such as a road and becomes concentrated horizontally.
  • Vertical light is useful for human eyes but horizontal light such as glare, masks useful light. This makes it very difficult to see properly and places strain on the eyes.
  • Polarised lenses block the glare and only allow the useful vertical light through, meaning driving becomes normalised again.

Prescription Lenses
If you have an eyesight prescription, then then it is highly likely that after your eyesight test your Optician recommended that you choose a pair of prescription sunglasses in addition to your ordinary glasses. While the style and frames can differ entirely from one pair of sunglasses to another, there are different types of coloured lens to take into account too.

  • Brown lenses offer a good level of protection in most circumstances and enhance colour contrasts.
  • Yellow lenses are ideal for driving as they enhance contrast in low light conditions and in fog.
  • Grey lenses offer all weather protections and ensure natural colours.
  • Dark green lenses enhance contrasts in the natural light and work well for sports activities.

Protections & Tints
A scratch resistant coating is a great option to have added to your sunglasses to prolong the use of your lenses. While UVA and UVB protection is imperative when choosing sunglasses, a darker tint does gives even greater protection.

  • Clearly tinted lenses are best for variable light conditions in an urban setting for comfort and appearance.
  • Slightly tinted lenses are best for all environments with variable sunlight in daily use.
  • Medium tinted lenses are best suited to bright sunlight such as that found at sea or in mountain areas.
  • Dark tinted lenses are best suited to intense conditions also found at sea or in mountain areas.